• To buy plane tickets in Shadi Avaran Safar, you can do the following:

    Complete the flight search sections first, then search. In the displayed list, select your desired flight and then book.

    General terms and conditions

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    2- The services and content offered by Shadi Avaran Safar website are produced for use on this website. Any misuse of the information, texts, photos, maps, designs, logos, etc. of this website is prosecuted and no natural or legal person is allowed to misuse the contents of this website. Mentioning the contents of this website on the Internet is mentioned only by mentioning the name and Internet address of the Shadi Avaran Safar website and the link to the article, and in the paper media, it is allowed with the written permission of the website officials.

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    4. Users undertake to enter their information correctly on the website when registering and booking. In case of incomplete or incorrect information, users will be responsible for the subsequent consequences of this action.

    5- The user undertakes to correct any change in his personal details as soon as possible on the Shadi Avaran Safar website. Otherwise, this website will not be responsible for the consequences of the inaccuracy of the available information.

    6- Shadi Avaran Safar website sells plane tickets online and will not be responsible for cancellations, delays or flight delays.

    7- Any misuse of the name of Shadi Avaran Safar, the website of Shadi Avaran Safar, correspondence by Shadi Avaran Safar or the use of similar names that create suspicion of similarity and conformity is prohibited through complaints to the competent legal authorities, courts Cybercrime inside or outside the country, as well as informing Internet service providers and clients, can be prosecuted.

    8- Shadi Avaran Safar website will not share users’ personal information with any other collection and the competent authorities will be able to use this information only in cases authorized by law.

    Terms and conditions of reservation and purchase of charter

    1- Charter flights face more changes compared to system flights and in 1% of cases may not be usable. In such cases, and in case of purchasing a replacement ticket, the total cost of the new ticket and the difference in price will be returned to you by the charterer. will be. The joys of travel make every effort to reduce this risk to zero.

    Terms and conditions for booking and purchasing plane tickets

    1- The ticket purchase operation on the Shadi Avaran Safar website is subject to a set of e-commerce rules and regulations, and any violation will be prosecuted. While buying tickets online, the buyer undertakes to be fully aware of all the rules and regulations of ticket purchase.

    2. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority, the responsibility for cancellation, delay or haste during the flight is the responsibility of the airline operating the flight.

    3- When registering and booking the ticket, the passenger’s name must be entered correctly in English letters. It is not possible to correct the passenger’s name after the final purchase of the ticket, and the travel cheerleaders are not responsible for any information that has been entered incorrectly, and to correct the information, the passenger must cancel and repurchase the ticket.

    4- The purchased ticket belongs to the passenger whose details have been entered in the system and cannot be transferred to others. If the passenger’s name does not match on the ticket and ID card, the passenger will not be accepted.

    5. In national aviation laws, infant passengers are less than two years old, child passengers are between two and twelve years old and adult passengers are more than twelve years old. If the buyer is not careful and enters the age category incorrectly, the passenger will be prevented from boarding the plane. And a child ticket can in no way be bought alone and separately from an adult ticket.

    It should be noted that in the approved rate tickets, the ticket price is different for infant, child and adult passengers, but in charter and non-refundable tickets, the price of the child ticket is the same as for the adult.

    6- After making the payment and confirming it, the reservation and purchase will be finalized and the ticket information will be emailed to the user. When arriving at the airport, on charter flights, a printed copy of the ticket must be provided, and on scheduled flights, a ticket number with a valid identification document must be provided to the relevant airline counter.

    7. Any type of ticket cancellation by the passenger, according to the national aviation laws, includes a cancellation penalty. The amount of the fine varies according to the cancellation rules of each airline. Upon request for refund by the passenger, the amount of the fine is deducted from the ticket price and the rest of the money is returned to the passenger’s account online. Refund time is subject to interbank regulations (between 24 and 72 hours). This is not the case for charter or non-refundable flights, and tickets for these flights will be paid in full if canceled.


    8. Cancellation or delay of more than two hours of flight does not include the cancellation penalty. In this case, the traveler fills out the online refund request form without penalty.

    9- In case of flight cancellation or delay of more than two hours that causes the passenger to cancel the flight, a ticket / receipt stamped by the station of origin is required for any follow-up and refund without penalty.

    10- If the passenger wants to buy a ticket for two consecutive flights, there must be at least 3 hours between the arrival of the first flight to the destination and the departure of the second flight. Otherwise, the passenger is responsible for canceling the second ticket.

    11- It should be noted that if the return flight is from two different airlines, in case of cancellation or cancellation of the flight due to a delay of more than two hours, cancellation of the return flight may include a cancellation penalty.

    12- The buyer does not have the right to change the ticket price, tamper with the provisions of the ticket in any way and in any way, or resell the ticket at a price higher than the mentioned amount.

    . 13- According to the rules of the Civil Aviation Organization, having a doctor’s license for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, epilepsy, severe anemia, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, those who are on dialysis or those who use immunosuppressive drugs Or any illness that prevents air travel is essential when boarding an airplane. It is also necessary for these travelers to bring the medicines they need during the trip.

    14. According to the existing laws, it is not possible for the citizens of Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to issue tickets on the routes of Atbat-e-Aliat, and in case of purchase of tickets by these people, all subsequent responsibilities will be the responsibility of the user.